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Get inspiration and learn from our trainers about nail art decorations and stamping with tutorial videos and courses!

There are some FREE nail art tutorials available as well, but do not miss the chance: pay the VIP Subscription fee for $149 once, and all the Nail art tutorials will be available for you always!

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Latest Reviews

Alimán Dóra
Alimán Dóra
15 hours ago
Ötletes és gyors díszítési technika. Biztos alkalmazni fogom.☺️
Király Ágnes
Király Ágnes
16 hours ago
Kedvencem lett!
Purina Agnija
Purina Agnija
19 hours ago
Thank you for inspiration (❁´◡`❁)
Vossen Ireen
Vossen Ireen
1 day ago
Nice art

Purchasing process

1. You can select from the tutorials and courses listed under the Catalog menu. When you select a tutorial or course, first you are able to look at a very short preview which is showing you the tips or nails which will be prepared in the selected video. In addition you can read some introduction about the given nail decoration.

2. If you would like to purchase the tutorial or the course, you should click on the button "Buy now". First you need to register, or if you have already registered to this page, you should log in. After this you can read the checkout page, fill in the billing information, pay with credit card or Barion/PayPal wallet if you have one and accept the Terms and Privacy Policy. It's recommended to tick the box in the Data handling section, because in this case we can inform you time to time about specific offers or in case new tutorials, courses are uploaded to the site. After this process is done, you will receive an email confirming your order including the invoice of your purchase.

3. When you purchased a video, you can open it from My courses menu. The first video is again the short preview, but either clicking on the small grey arrow on the right hand side of the video, or scrolling down, chosing the second video right after the Preview video, you will be able to look at the tutorial or course you bought.