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About This Course

You pay once $149 USD and in 48 hours all the videos in the categories Nail Art Tutorials, Gel Polish Technical Videos and Nail Sculpturing Technical Videos will be available for you always. This is valid both for the videos available at the time of the payment and for the videos which will be published after the time of the purchase. This is a real lifetime subscription!

Please note, videos belonging to the category Nail Art Courses and Nail Sculpturing Master Course will remain payable.


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User Ratings

Moeys Suzy
7 months ago
I always liked the free tutorial but there were always many beautifull I couldn't get for free. With this lifetime subscription I can follow all of them ūüėć
Maria Bourne
12 months ago
I love Moyra and their products. Cant wait to try some nail art
Odita Seila
about 1 year ago
Super ... yey
De Lange V.Y
about 1 year ago
I am super excited with my purchase, there is so many designs to choose from. Thank you to all the teachers who takes the time to make it possible for us to learn from you. 100% satisfied.
Den Engelsman Iris
over 2 years ago
Geweldige tutorials. Ik kijk nu heel anders naar stempelenn echt je kan er zo enorm veel mee!
Gazyier Diane
over 2 years ago
I love my subscription…. So many great ideas! Got it on special sale, couldn’t let it pass me by. As a nail tech I get bored with the same stuff out there Moyra has alway stood out. Their products are great too. I have a allergic reaction to a lot of gels but never from Moyra.
over 2 years ago
Avec un grand choix de design ce tarif n'est vraiment pas cher ! Merci beaucoup
Tatum Kerry
over 3 years ago
Very nice to learn so many awesome designs and have great tutorials to take you through, step by step. I'm only disappointed in the fact that some products needed to do some designs are not available on-line. Definitely worth the price, and then some!
Patricia Ortega
over 3 years ago
Absolutely worth every penny! Each tutorial is better than the last, I've learned so much! It is invaluable knowledge.
Di Vittorio Stefania
over 3 years ago
Really helpful, I'm so glad I did months ago! I'm learning so much!
Paulina Pytel
over 3 years ago
The best purchase and investement in 2021! Highly reccomened. Everyone who loves nail art should have this access. Beautiful, extremely, incredible and unique tutorials. This is a gate to Moyra word. Love it!
de Jonge Pankow Desirée
over 3 years ago
I love all of them
Dribnenki Cindy
over 3 years ago
I am very happy with this subscription. The videos are great and give wonderful ideas for someone new to nail art. the stamping plate are also great to use.
Young Krista
over 3 years ago
Incredible value! The videos have tips that aren't found anywhere else!
Newman Hope
over 3 years ago
Very pleased with my access to this series of tutorials. Each course I have viewed so far was very informative with clear instructions on the steps being performed. Great value.
Melancon Debi
over 3 years ago
Thrilled to be able to gain access to this collection of tutorials. I’ve enjoyed the ones that I’ve seen thru YouTube as well as a few of the free ones. Now I’m super excited to be able to purchase the Lifetime access to nAil art tutorials.
Bouesnard Juliette
over 3 years ago
top j adore
Pretty Noona
over 3 years ago
I am extremely excited to be able to have these wonderful tutorials available at my disposal, the teachers carefully show each step on "how to" creating STUNNING manicures. Best money spent on my nail journey. Yes, I recommend MOYRA nail stamping courses to everyone who are interested in growing/investing on their nail future career.
Gr√ľndler Sandra
over 3 years ago
I am so glad to have chosen the VIP access. You can learn so many techniques and can combine almost everything which leads to even more stunning designs
Friedrich Inka
over 3 years ago
I don't regret buying VIP access! I couldn't stop until I saw all the tutorials. Very beautiful nail art and wonderful designs are shown ‚̶ The best thing is that I can actually access it for life and watch it again and again when I want to rework the designs. Great! „ā∑
Cheung Nephi
over 4 years ago
The full price may sound a bit much at one shot, but the all access for past and future content is so worth it. Each tutorial is amazing, and I have learnt so much!
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