Arany Ágnes
Salon nail arts with stamping for beginners
1 hour 11 minutes video Moblie friendly Beginner English Rewatchable multiple times
Who is this course for?

This course is for those who already knows the basics of stamping technique, who have already got aquainted with the materials and tools used during stamping and would like to combine the stamping materials with other nail art products professionally.

The learning material is easy to acquire by beginners too, it can be used successfully during salon work, but it's not meant only for professionals, but also for those who would like to make professional nail decorations on nail polish base without UV/Led lamp.


About this course

In this course Agnes is showing different detailed, colourful, salon nail decorations which can be made in a few minutes. She is working on a base of nail polish to introduce you some wonderful shades out of the more than 200 different colours available in Moyra's selection. She also provides the colour codes to you.🦋

For these professional nail arts there's no need for UV/Led lamp, so anyone can make them easily with nail polish and other Moyra nail art products. Naturally these decorations can be created on a base of gel polish, gel or acrylic too, but with this course we would like to make a favour for those who would like to decorate nails without UV/Led lamp.🌹

In the videos Agnes shows you her design in other colours and combinations too as inspiration. She also provides ideas how to combine the decorations with monochrome nails and candy effect surface.🍂

You can see several different solutions, most of the motifs are created with stamping technique, but she is also using self-adhesive and water-based sticker, effect powder like Diamond shine powder, Glitter powder and Holo glitter mix, crystal stone and nail art foil.🌷

In addition you can learn a special technique: effect powders can also be used without UV/Led lamp and no-wipe surface. This technique can also be used on nail polish base and during salon work it makes it possible to create different effected shapes, stripes in moments.🍉

Salon nail arts with stamping for beginners - Preview Preview 01:09
Introduction - Catalogues and tools 06:16
Blue butterfly nail art - Effecting stamping pattern and sticker 09:08
Rose nail decoration - Nail art sticker and stamping 06:28
Leaf nail art - Effecting stamping pattern 06:17
Tulip nail decoration - Layered stamping with nail art foil 08:30
Animal pattern nail art - Gradient design with sticker 05:34
Fruity nail art - Stamping and sticker 04:42
Stamping technique with Moyra Transparent nail art sticker 06:57
Most common mistakes in stamping 16:46
Moyra product developer, instructor

I’ve been a qualified manicure, pedicure and nail art specialist for 10 years. Having obtained my qualification, I immediately started to work in salon environment. It was still in the period of training when I grew a passion for nail art, and while watching my instructor teaching, I become completely sure that once I would also like to pass on my skills and knowledge to others in some way. While working in the salon, I felt, I wanted to do something else, which required more physical activity, so I completed a training course and got engaged in another profession. I came to be a yoga instructor, which made me experience the beauty in teaching. Then my life took another turn when I joined the Moyra team 5 years ago, bringing nail art profession to the forefront once again in my life. I spend most of my time doing backstage work and marketing activities, and I am actively involved in product development in order to satisfy all demands to the best. You may have encountered me in short tutorial videos, and seen my nail art designs on social media platforms.

I aim to make you acquainted with, and grow love for the nail stamping technique. I will show you all kinds of base materials and tools in use, so that you can develop confident skills and experience the sense of success even as a beginner. I would like to teach you the ability of playful and effortless creation, as this is the way towards releasing your creative energies. With a pinch of diligence, you can easily learn the process of creating nail art designs using stamping or other technique. I will give you all the required guidance for this, from the very beginning, based on my knowledge and skills obtained from many years of experience. Do not hesitate to join my training courses!