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Effecting stamping patterns - intermediate course
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Who Is This Course For?

This course is for you if you are already self-confident in using stamping products. While preparing these beautiful effected stamping patterns, Alexa is showing you when and how to use stamping nail polish, when to work with Moyra stamping gel polish and foil gel polish. You can learn how to build a nail decoration, how the steps are following each other, which is the first momentum on which the following decorations are built. It's important to learn the order of the nail decoration steps, Alexa is showing this in details. Different effecting materials will be used to prepare these compositions: pigment powder, colour acrylics, Shell effect powder, Glitter powder, Diamond shine powder, Mirror powder and different shiny nail foils.

You will also need UV/Led lamp, because in some stages the decorations will need to be cured in lamp.

We recommend this course for you, if you would like to prepare such effected nail art combined with stamping, which are also easy to be prepared in salon as well and are extremely decorative. What comes to the colours, Alexa will use a wide variety of shades, but you can create them in other colours as well, because they will look perfect in other compositions too!

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About This Course

If you are aware of the basics of the nail stamping, then this intermediate level course is for you! Learn how to effect stamping patterns! In this real time video, Alexa will show you how to enhance nail stamping and nail art beyond the basic nail decoration technique. She will talk about the products used in nail stamping by material groups, and she goes through the materials used in effecting as well. Beside the theory you can also learn how all this work in practice. Alexa will show you all the tiny details so that you can learn the whole process from stamping through effecting till perfect covering and curing times.

If you like this video we recommend you to check out the tutorial.

Effecting stamping patterns - Preview Preview 00:45
Effecting stamping patterns - Part 1 46:06
Effecting stamping patterns - Part 2 16:13
Effecting stamping patterns - Part 3 25:11
Effecting stamping patterns - Part 4 42:52
User Ratings
Akintayo Waleola
about 1 year ago
an amazing class, different nail art medium used with stamping . thank you.
Samantha Kiessling
about 1 year ago
Learned so much. Thank you Alexa you a great master and teacher❤️
Friedrich Inka
over 2 years ago
I didn't expect to learn too much new about stamping with pigments, foil and effect powders, but this course taught me better. The materials science at the beginning of the course in particular was very informative because I was often thinking about the crucial difference between the SFP in comparison to the SGP. I was also very surprised by the breathtaking effect of the Shell Effect Powder! I didn't think it would come off so nicely. That's why I put it directly on my wish list. All in all, I am very happy with this course. Thank you very much!
Di Vittorio Stefania
over 2 years ago
Great course, I should have been done this before the vip subscription! Thank you Alexa, very informative course
Arany Ágnes Arany Ágnes
Happy that you like it!:-) Still with the VIP subscription you can learn additional techniques as well, like aquarelle painting, nail building and different tricks which can be used during stamping.
Paulina Pytel
over 2 years ago
Great course! So many information, useful tips and well described instrution. Thank you for sharing your experience.
Newman Hope
over 2 years ago
Fantastic course - very informative. Well worth watching and learning from - highly recommend.
Dribnenki Cindy
over 2 years ago
Wow - these instruction videos were very valuable. Just understanding the differences between the products and when to use each is amazing.
Valentina Nanni
over 2 years ago
Dopo il base questo corso e’ importante! Spiegato benissimo e molto dettagliato!
Gründler Sandra
over 3 years ago
Great course
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International nail art educator

My name is Alexandra Snóbl. It was in 2003 when I chose hand care and manicure as a profession. I’ve been working for Moyra since 2011 as product developer and international trainer.
Usually, I consider myself technical specialist, and the most emphatic segment in my career is powder-liquid system. Between 2007 and 2010 I won several prizes at regional and international competitions. My most important acknowledgments include:
   – Multiple national champion
   – European champion
   – Olympics – Silver medal
   – World Championship – Bronze medal

In addition, in recent years, the world of nail art has also a big effect on me. My favorite fields:
– nail art made with stamping technique
– 3D nail art made with acrylics and PlastiLine gel
 – gel/gel polish painting

I still work in salon environment, and in addition, I have been training specialists for 10 years both in Hungary and abroad. I keep an eye on international fashion and nail art trends, and therefore I can teach you the most up-to-date and trendy nail art techniques. Since 2019 I have been offering online courses as well, most of which are – from now on – available at My course topics are compiled in a way to make the course material easy to learn and understand. I put much emphasis on showing you the processes in details, as well as on creating designs that are durable and perform well in salon environment and stay beautiful until the client returns to have their next manicure. My nail art designs – in which respect I teach you all ins and outs – do not only look fabulous, but also last for weeks. Join me, and I’ll show you how to astonish your clients with special and unique designs, and how to create such manicure for yourself that reflects your personality and will definitely not show up on others’ nails.