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How to use SUPERSIZER stamper with movable head

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In this video Agnes introduces with detailed explanation the new, size-changing Stamper No. 15 Supersizer, and you can also see our new slow-drying Smart polish for stamping collection. With Supersizer stamper the stamping patterns can be shrinked and enlarged, so they can be adjusted according to the length of the nail. Positioning is easy with its clear head. It will be easier to work with this stamper, if you use the special, slow-driyng Moyra Smart polish for stamping, but it can also be used with any other stamping polish.🦋

In the second part of the video you can see a nail decoration by using the Supersizer stamper and the new stamping polish. Try this new stamper which will open a new chapter in nail stamping!💅


How to use SUPERSIZER stamper with movable head - Preview Preview 00:38
How to use SUPERSIZER stamper with movable head
How to use SUPERSIZER stamper with movable head 21:00

User Ratings

Fülöp Timea
7 months ago
Nagyon hasznos volt! Köszönöm szépen🥰 Innentől fogva határ a csillagos ég😊
Moeys Suzy
8 months ago
I bought this stamper and without the tutorial I should not know how to use it. Very well explained.
Nelson Denise
8 months ago
I love that you have the video. I don’t have the time to dedicate to learning all the different techniques so it’s been a long time that I’ve had it and haven’t used it. So if you don’t use it for a while it’s nice that you can come back and watch it again. But I was confused when they took the bottom off and showed the twisting mechanism and some thread or wire which it went so fast I couldn’t see and am confused on whether or not you have to take the bottom off to use it. Otherwise it was great! Keep the video up please so we can always come back to see it. Thank you.
Balencourt Roxane
about 1 year ago
J'adore. Belle invention que ce tampon qui permet d'agrandir et de rétrécir nos motifs de stamping. Merci beaucoup pour cette démonstration très complète.
Zoltán Eszter
about 1 year ago
Nagyon jó és részletes a videó, minden jól be van mutatva! Aki szeret nyomdázni, azoknak és persze aki szeretné kipróbálni annak ajánlom 😃
Hegedüs Klaudia
about 1 year ago
Imádom ezt a supersizer nyomdát! Megkönnyíti a dolgomat. Sok olyan vendégem van,akinek kicsit a köröm felülete,nagyon szuperül alkalmazható! Sok sok mintát mentett meg az alól,hogy esetleg ne lehessen felhasználni. :)
De Lange V.Y
about 1 year ago
Awesome stamper and the demonstration of how to use the stamper is very good. Thank you Agnes.
Tamásné Hegedűs
about 1 year ago
Szuper volt a videó, már megrendeltem a nyomdafejet, így már tudom használni is. :) Köszönöm
Juhász Monika
about 1 year ago
Szuper termék, szuper, részletes videó.
Tóth Anikó
about 1 year ago
Kiváló! Mindenkinek ajánlom. ❤️
Springman Sharon
about 1 year ago
After struggling to get the video to work properly, I was finally able to watch the video on the Supersizer Stamper. Love it…. Can’t wait to be able to order it and play with it. It looks like a great idea for nail stamping….
Arany Ágnes Arany Ágnes
Dear Sharon, I don't know what the problem could be, we haven't received any other feedback about the problem, and it works properly for us. But it's good that it finally works for you as well.
Mészáros Erika
about 1 year ago
Szuper jónak tűnik, a legjobb nyomda márka ❤ Moyra
Pretty Noona
about 1 year ago
This stamper is exciting 🙌 😀 I can't wait to receive mine and check it out. Thank you MOYRA for always bringing the best stamping products to all your customers. 💕👍
Moldoványi Edit
about 1 year ago
Bíró Barbara
about 1 year ago
Super ☺️👍
about 1 year ago
voilà un tampon exceptionnel qui va nous permettre de nous différencier des concurrents, il nous faudrait plus d'articles ainsi, Merci
Odita Seila
about 1 year ago
Amazing stamper for new creation and inspiration. Wonder where I could buy it.
Arany Ágnes Arany Ágnes
Dear Agnija, unfortunately at the moment you can only order our products to Ireland from the UK:
Friedrich Inka
about 1 year ago
This tool is amazing! The stamping world was missing something like this. I will buy it directly as soon as it is available in the German shop. The design shown is also great. Wonderful, thank you so much (っ❥▽❥)っ
Andrea Kiss
about 1 year ago
Mindenkinek ajánlom, a látottak alapján egyszerű a használata.
Di Vittorio Stefania
about 1 year ago
Such as innovative stamper! I love it!
Newman Hope
about 1 year ago
Great tutorial !!! What a fantastic new product. Will definitely order - can't wait to try it!
Boros Dalma
about 1 year ago
Ez nagyon szuper! Sokszor probléma, hogy túl nagy a lemezen a minta ezért inkább nem kérik, de ezzel megoldódik😍
Blaschtik-Bagonyi Evelin
about 1 year ago
Kíváncsian várom hogy kipróbáljam
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