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Magnolia nails with sticker, stamping, nail foil

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Who Is This Course For?

This course is for you if you are already familiar with the basics of nail art stamping technique, you need some inspiration, you would like to deepen your knowledge and skill, or even if you are still getting acquainted with the whole thing. You can learn detailed information that allows you later on to practice alone.

This level does not require precise brush use or painting skills; you will learn relatively simple steps that are easy to acquire and that will fill your life with a sense of success, as you will be able to create admirable nails.

About This Course

Learn from Agnes how to create this magnolia manicure! We introduce you a self-adhesive nail sticker sheet including beautiful flowers, butterflies, birds and bows, you can make spectacular nail decorations with them. These small stickers are like miniature paintings, it's easy to work with them, you don't need to handpaint the motifs. They can be applied with one move.

To make it more interesting, Agnes is applying a small amount of Mermaid glitter powder on the base colour, it has a satin-like shine even in matte version. In addition, she will show you how to foil stamping patterns simply.

This nail art is complex, Agnes is showing you all steps from applying the base colour through stamping till further surface decoration. Try in other colours and with other stickers too!


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Magnolia nails
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User Ratings

Ivey Maria
1 day ago
I just love this design. I have watched it multiple times since it fuels my creativity. Thank you.
Hegedűs Tamásné
about 1 month ago
Szuper minta.
Moeys Suzy
8 months ago
Easy tutorial with techniques and products explained very well.
Zábráczki Szilvia
about 1 year ago
Beautiful pattern. The video was helpful. Thank you.
Odita Seila
about 1 year ago
over 2 years ago
Vén Tünde
over 2 years ago
Gyors, hasznos, és gyöngyörű :)
Taggart Jacqueline
over 2 years ago
I love watching all these beautiful videos. Not only have I learned different techniques but they are all so mesmerizing.
Leena Leena
over 2 years ago
Beautiful and creative nail art. I love it and also like the glitter and stickers it is beautiful. Thank you for the video.
Hokrová Jindřiška
over 2 years ago
Whauuu, naprosto luxusní.... zařadím mezi TOP
Csilla Deim
over 2 years ago
Köszönöm szépen! Gyönyörű minta!!!
Starbuck Kim
over 2 years ago
Extremely good. Information very clear
Pretty Noona
over 2 years ago
Beautifully designed, there's alot of techniques in this manicure to learn from and that's wonderful. Love it
over 3 years ago
très jolie réalisation avec un très beau rendu et surtout très facile pour les débutante
Tatum Kerry
over 3 years ago
Thank you Agnes, these are beautiful! The techniques used were so helpful.
Chiu Denise
over 3 years ago
These are so pretty, has some great concepts.
Di Vittorio Stefania
over 3 years ago
Love it, so delicate! Thanks for sharing!
Dribnenki Cindy
over 3 years ago
Really pretty. I like the use of the glitter, stickers, stamping and foil all together. Also really neat idea with the gloss top coat only for the leaves.
Kiss Anita
over 3 years ago
Gyönyörű, és ötletes
Jochum Ellen
over 3 years ago
Wunderschön und simpel
Polgári Fanni
over 3 years ago
Very good ideas, nice decoration!
Kowalsky Anke
over 3 years ago
matt und glänzend, was für ein feuer!
Patricia Ortega
over 3 years ago
Stunning, one of my favourite designs. Love the different techniques that were used.
Plewa Beata
over 3 years ago
Love it! I would love to have this design on my nails.
Young Krista
over 3 years ago
Loved the embedded holographic glitter under the matte finish. It looks so elegant.
Büsch Belén
over 3 years ago
Muy bello, gracias!
Kornyeyeva Nataliya
over 3 years ago
over 3 years ago
Lindo ❤️❤️
Newman Hope
over 3 years ago
Can't wait to try this - ordered the supplies. I'm feeling quite confident since the instructions provide all the details and tips needed for success. Beautiful design.
Kim Lingham
over 3 years ago
I loved this idea.
Fava Nina
over 3 years ago
Adesivi molto realistici che ricordano la micropittura ma più semplici da realizzare; arricchita di quei particolari che rendono il tutto unico e originali Ottimo
Paulina Pytel
over 3 years ago
Beautiful, delicate and elegance. I love it!
Gründler Sandra
over 3 years ago
Once again a very nice design. Love it :-)
Buda Boglárka
over 3 years ago
Ha valaki nem tud szabad kézzel festeni, helyette a matrica nagyon gyors és elegáns megoldás, mert mindegyik úgy néz ki, mintha kézzel lenne festve vagy az egy mozdulat módszerrel.
Kovács - Orbán Ramóna
over 3 years ago
Excellent nail decoration.
Friedrich Inka
over 3 years ago
A beautiful delicate nail decoration! The way in which the glitter is applied is really interesting because it doesn't look so precisely placed. The Spicery plate is one of my favorite Moyra stamping plates. And the robin is just sweet as sugar! ❥ The entire nail design is gorgeous! ఌ Thank you for that nice tutorial!
Szablya Dóra
over 3 years ago
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I aim to make you acquainted with, and grow love for the nail stamping technique. I will show you all kinds of base materials and tools in use, so that you can develop confident skills and experience the sense of success even as a beginner. I would like to teach you the ability of playful and effortless creation, as this is the way towards releasing your creative energies. With a pinch of diligence, you can easily learn the process of creating nail art designs using stamping or other technique. I will give you all the required guidance for this, from the very beginning, based on my knowledge and skills obtained from many years of experience. Do not hesitate to join my training courses!