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Almond-shaped nails with glitter ombre decoration

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đź“ąIn this video Zsuzsanna shows the use of coloured acrylgel. She prepares a beautiful French nail of classic almond shape. The glitter ombre nails are sculpted with coloured acrylgel and decorated with Holo glitter mix.

đź’…Acrylgel is easy to be shaped, strong and long-lasting nails can be built with it in any length, either salon or even extreme. It can not be shaped only with a brush, Zsuzsanna shows how to shape it with another tool. Try the other glittering and coloured acrylgel too!


Almond-shaped nails with glitter ombre decoration - Preview Preview 00:29
Almond-shaped nails with glitter ombre decoration
Almond-shaped nails with glitter ombre decoration 15:40

User Ratings

Pretty Noona
8 months ago
Nice manicure đź‘Ť
Friedrich Inka
about 1 year ago
I find these new Fusion colour acrylic gels quite fascinating and the glitter ombre nails that Zsuzsanna worked with them are excellent ✰ I always enjoy following these sculpting tutorials. I would love to see more of them ❥
Odita Seila
about 1 year ago
Thank you for this tutorial. Very helpful
about 1 year ago
Merci pour cette démo


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