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Pastel-coloured manicure with Flexi gel polishes

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Learn from Zsuzsanna the perfect painting of gel polishes. This time she is using the new shades of Moyra Flexi gel polish bases. She paints all nails to different colours, she is using the pastel shades. She also shows you the glittering shades of Flexi gel polish base. They can be used on their own as well with matte or shiny top coat.🧡

Flexi bases are flexible, can be soaked off easily, due to their special composition they absorb the move of the nail plate, so they provide a natural feeling. Try all shades, also the slightly glittering ones! 💜


Pastel-coloured manicure with Flexi gel polishes - Preview Preview 00:33
Pastel-coloured manicure with Flexi gel polishes
Pastel-coloured manicure with Flexi gel polishes 15:37

User Ratings

Pretty Noona
about 1 year ago
Beautifully polishes.. thank you for sharing 💕
Fritz Szabina
about 1 year ago
Nagyon tetszett.
about 1 year ago
this is an interesting video! to understand what this new range is for but the colors are spring colors too bad they arrive in autumn !
Friedrich Inka
about 1 year ago
A neat job. I like the Flexi Base in the colour sweet mango best (⑅˘͈ ᵕ ˘͈ )
Odita Seila
about 1 year ago
very basic. Good for starters.


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