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Nails for summer lengthened with Full cover tip

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In this video we show you in detail the method of nail extension with Moyra Full cover tip. You can prepare simply and quickly perfect square nails in salon length. This full cover tip is available in other shapes as well: oval, stiletto and coffin. It makes the process of nail sculpturing much shorter, there's no need for using nail form, because the tip covers the complete nail and the free edge is shaped nicely, and it can be durably fixed with the help of the Tip glue gel specifically developed for this purpose.😎

The tip is crystal clear, so you can see, whether it's placed perfectly without any bubbles. Due to its flexibility, it's good to wear and it's long-lasting, like a sculpted nail. The tips are beautifully shaped, but they can be shortened with a tip cutter if needed or shaped with a file. Both the tip and the glue gel can be soaked off, but the downed nails are not needed to be removed every time, because it can be filled the same way as gel built and acrylic nails.🌞

As the tip and the glue gel is flexible, we recommend using flexible material, gel polish for coverage. Naturally you can even stamp or paint on the ready nail surface, or you can decorate it with sticker or effect powder. This time we show you in vivid orange colour, which looks great with suntented skin in summer. Try the durable Full cover tips which are easy to use!⛱


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Nails for summer lengthened with Full cover tip
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Buda Boglárka
about 1 year ago
A leáztatás érdekes lehet, gondolom előbb a hosszából szednek le, utána pedig géppel reszelik le, de abban sem vagyok biztos, hogy ez minden alkalommal jót tesz a körömnek. Ettől függetlenül szívesen kipróbálnám, ennek a fajta hosszabbításnak is megvannak az előnyei, és a hátrányai is.
Harcsa Sándorné
about 1 year ago
Profi eladók.
Odita Seila
about 1 year ago
Thank You for sharing
Skita Anita
about 1 year ago
Szuper ez a video. Pont most vettem meg mindent hozzá. Jó, hogy láttam hogyan kell elkészítenem vele a körmöt. Köszönöm
Pretty Noona
about 1 year ago
Wow, nice manicure, thank you for sharing.
Di Vittorio Stefania
over 2 years ago
Very useful, thank you Zsuzsanna!
Gründler Sandra
over 2 years ago
Well done 🥰
Jensen Dorthe
over 2 years ago
So beautygul
Friedrich Inka
over 2 years ago
That is one hell of a colour! ✰ The nails look very beautiful. And if I may add, Zsuzsanna's design on the left hand is just sensational!!!! Adorable (⑅˘͈ ᵕ ˘͈ )
over 2 years ago
Merci pour cette video parfaite qui nous indique bien les étapes a réaliser
Starbuck Kim
over 2 years ago
so easy to follow. thank you
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