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Valentine's Day manicure with reflective powder

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đź’źLearn from Zsuzsanna how to prepare perfect gel polish nails! This time Zsuzsanna will make a manicure with Moyra HEMA-free gel polish and effected stamping pattern. It's ideal both for occasions and weekdays. Select the pattern you prefer, change the composition according to your taste even with another inscription!

🌞The nail art in the video was created with Moyra Spotlight reflective powder. Zsuzsanna is using No. 01 silver whith smaller particles, but you can choose other colours too. Via stirring into gel or acrylics, it's ideal for covering the complete nail and it can also be sprinkled on a no-wipe surface. Light the ready manicure or go out to the sunshine and the sparkling glittering will amaze you!

đź’…Moyra’s new HEMA-free product line with base coat, top coat and 24 beautiful gel polish colours extends the range of products to clients with HEMA-sensitive skin, who have not been able to enjoy the advantage of durable gel polish nail decoration.


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Valentine's Day manicure with reflective powder
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User Ratings

Miranda Julia
3 months ago
Odita Seila
about 1 year ago
very cute
Pretty Noona
over 2 years ago
Cute manicure, specially for short nails... I like it. Nicely done Zsuzsanna.
Buda Boglárka
over 2 years ago
Az összes reflektív por nagyon szép effektet ad, számomra vetekszik a holografikus porokkal.
Kitti Kormányos
over 2 years ago
Szuper kipróbálnám
Tatum Kerry
over 2 years ago
Nice. Thank you.
Newman Hope
over 2 years ago
I love the tutorials that are done on an actual person's hand rather than a tip. I find the techniques used so useful. Beautiful manicure.
Di Vittorio Stefania
over 2 years ago
I need to try these new spotlight powders! Thank you Zsusanna for showing how to use them!
Friedrich Inka
over 2 years ago
What an adorable sparkle on the nails! ✰ I'm so looking forward to these powders in the German shop. I also really like the design of the shorties shown here. Great ٩꒰๑•‿•๑꒱۶
over 2 years ago
Merci pour cette video
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