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Kun Zsuzsanna

Pink gel polish nails with hand painted motifs

30 minutes video 18 rating Moblie friendly Beginner English Rewatchable multiple times

Who Is This Course For?

This video is meant for those who would like to deepen their knowledge in the field of gel polish. From the preparation of the nails, till applying gel polish and colour, then through using nail stickers till beautiful, hand painted motifs, Zsuzsanna is showing all material and tools in detail, step by step.

In case you have already graduated, but you are a beginner, then it will be a very good additional learning material, and if you have more practice in gel polish painting, but you are not perfectly satisfied with the result, then learn from Zsuzsanna, you won't regret it.

Result of your well based practice will make your guests fully satisfied!

About This Course

Learn from Zsuzsanna how to make perfect gel polish nails! In this video you can find all information what is needed to prepare perfect gel polish nails. Zsuzsanna will explain the method how she is spreading the base material, which will be Moyra gel polish in this case. She will prepare incredibly beautiful gel polish nails in different shades of rose colour.

In the video she also shows the tool usage and the nail art elements as well as other material beside gel polish. She will use self-adhesive sticker which is easy to use, and she will extend the decoration with hand painted motifs.

The result is a specially beautiful, natural looking gel polish nail which you will also be able to prepare in the future!


Pink gel polish nails - Preview Preview 00:36
Pink gel polish nails
Pink gel polish nails 30:20

User Ratings

Odita Seila
over 2 years ago
Thank you!
over 2 years ago
Magnifique !!! j'adore merci pour ce tuto
Tatum Kerry
over 3 years ago
Very soft and feminine set. Thank you for this great tutorial.
Dribnenki Cindy
over 3 years ago
Such a nice set with the gradiant colors. The art design looks beautiful.
Polgári Fanni
over 3 years ago
Very good tutorial video. Elegant nails with practical and fast decoration. Thank you!
Newman Hope
over 3 years ago
Great video, but a little too long. Didn't need to watch the same steps repeated on all five nails - twice (first and second coats). Still the course is informative and the design is beautiful and worth five stars.
Jochum Ellen
over 3 years ago
Absolut toll wie alles gezeigt wird
Patricia Ortega
over 3 years ago
Excited about Moyra manicure products! Loved watching this video, SO relaxing!
Plewa Beata
over 3 years ago
Beautiful, Definately I will try it.
Young Krista
over 3 years ago
I wish the filigree had been stamped. Not everyone can paint that well. If I can stamp the black part, I think I could add the white highlights.
Kornyeyeva Nataliya
over 3 years ago
very nice)
Pretty Noona
over 3 years ago
This is a very pretty manicure, love the different shades of pink mixed with the nail stick..
Szablya Dóra
over 3 years ago
Nagyon sokat segített ez a videó abban, hogy hogyan is kell percìzen elkészíteni a géllakkozást. Gyönyörű és különleges lett! Az indaminták és a rózsaszín öt árnyalata csodálatos!
Noémi Börcsökné
over 3 years ago
Egyszerű, gyönyörű és részletes.
Paulina Pytel
over 3 years ago
Very beautiful work in my favourite pink tones.
Buda Boglárka
over 3 years ago
Ilyen részletességgel tanulni csak személyes részvétel mellett kurzuson lehet, ezért hálás vagyok az itteni oktatóknak, hogy ilyen minőségű videókat készítenek. Hasznos oktatóanyag, kezdőknek ideális, de azoknak is, akik elakadtak a tanulmányaik során, vagy aki hobbi szinten csinálja.
Di Vittorio Stefania
over 3 years ago
Very useful, thanks!
Friedrich Inka
over 3 years ago
The design looks wonderfully fresh and therefore it goes perfectly with spring. The decor is so beautifully delicate. I especially like the double flourish painting with white over pink ꨄ Stunning! ❁
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International nail art educator

In 2006, I earned my certificate of hand and foot care profession at the SPA Academy. In 2009, I also completed the vocational instructor course. Thanks to my perseverance and diligence, I have graduated with exemplary results, and I have been teaching and training the new generation ever since. In 2015, I earned a Master’s degree at BKIK, which is currently the highest degree what is available.

My goal is to be able to transfer my knowledge as accurately and to as high standard as possible. Many of my competition results also contribute to this, as well as many courses I am attending continuously. In my opinion, this is a never-ending profession, you can and should learn always!