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Burgundy red manicure with magnetic gel polish

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Who Is This Course For?

This video is meant for those who would like to deepen their knowledge in the field of gel polish. From the preparation of the nails, through applying base and coloured gel polish, till the decoration of the nail, Zsuzsanna is showing all material and tools in detail, step by step.

In case you have already graduated, but you are a beginner, then it will be a very good additional learning material, and if you have more practice in gel polish painting, but you are not perfectly satisfied with the result, then learn from Zsuzsanna, you won't regret it.

Result of your well based practice will make your guests fully satisfied!

About This Course

Learn from Zsuzsanna how to prepare perfect gel polish nails! This time she will combine HEMA-free gel polish base and top with the burgundy red shade of the special magnetic gel polishes. This manicure is ideal both for weekdays and festive days.

Moyra’s new HEMA-free product line with base coat, top coat and 24 beautiful gel polish colours extends the range of products to clients with HEMA-sensitive skin, who have not been able to enjoy the advantage of durable gel polish nail decoration.

The base gel is a professional, HEMA-free, nail strengthening formula. Medium consistency, perfect adhesion, flexibility and durability are the characteristics. It cures in all lamp types. The top gel is no-wipe, high gloss, HEMA-free gel, that provides several weeks of durability and shine to the gel polish manicure. Cures in all lamp types.

The wonderful burgundy red gel polish shown in the video can also be used without a magnet, it cures to a beautiful, glittering surface. Due to its especially high quality, it has a great coverage, there's no need to apply a black layer underneath. With different shapes of magnet, exciting motifs can be created.


Burgundy red manicure with magnetic gel polish - Preview Preview 00:25
Burgundy red manicure with magnetic gel polish
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User Ratings

Tatár Andrea
about 1 year ago
Imádom a mágneses lakkokat!
Odita Seila
about 1 year ago
Very nice and easy. Thank you!
Nagy Anikó
over 2 years ago
Nagyon tetszik, igényes kivitelű a videók és a termékek! Köszönöm
Di Vittorio Stefania
over 2 years ago
Love the cat eye effect, thanks
Pretty Noona
over 2 years ago
The color and the cat eye effect are nice.
Ryder Honey
over 2 years ago
Very informative video
Buda Boglárka
over 2 years ago
Gyönyörű színe van a gélnek, és nagyon szeretem használni a macskaszem géleket, ennek a kollekciónak gyönyörű színei vannak, de ott vannak a Moyra mágnes porok is, amik a kedvenceim. A mágneses pigment erős mindegyik termékben, ami fontos, mert ha gyorsan visszarendeződnek a részecskék vagy elfolynak, akkor köttetés közben elfolyik a minta. A mágnes minden oldala használható, én jobban szeretem használni ezt a fajtát, mint a sima lap/kör alakú mágnest.
Friedrich Inka
over 2 years ago
This is a simple but wonderfully effective nailart. I am a great friend of magnetic or cat eye gels. They are so versatile (e.g. also for painting motifs) and they are always a good idea in combination with stamping. I've done that a lot, too. Nice :-)
over 2 years ago
joli rendu final Merci
Newman Hope
over 2 years ago
Beautiful manicure demonstrating how to use magnetic polish.
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In 2006, I earned my certificate of hand and foot care profession at the SPA Academy. In 2009, I also completed the vocational instructor course. Thanks to my perseverance and diligence, I have graduated with exemplary results, and I have been teaching and training the new generation ever since. In 2015, I earned a Master’s degree at BKIK, which is currently the highest degree what is available.

My goal is to be able to transfer my knowledge as accurately and to as high standard as possible. Many of my competition results also contribute to this, as well as many courses I am attending continuously. In my opinion, this is a never-ending profession, you can and should learn always!