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Gel polish nails with neon dots

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Who Is This Course For?

This video is meant for those who would like to deepen their knowledge in the field of gel polish. From the preparation of the nails, till applying gel polish and colour, Zsuzsanna is showing all material and tools in detail, step by step.

In case you have already graduated, but you are a beginner, then it will be a very good additional learning material, and if you have more practice in gel polish painting, but you are not perfectly satisfied with the result, then learn from Zsuzsanna, you won't regret it.

Result of your well based practice will make your guests fully satisfied!

About This Course

Learn from Zsuzsanna how to prepare perfect gel polish nails! In this video you can find all information which is needed to prepare perfect gel polish nails. Base of the gel polish will be a truly useful and versatile product, Moyra Rapid base gel. This is a gel of special formula, which doesn't have a burning sensation, soakable and flexible, so it's recommended to be used under gel, acrylgel and gel polish too. Due to it's thickness, it's easy to work with, it doesn't flow to the nail bed.

This time Zsuzsanna is making a spectacular black gel polish nail. For the decoration, she is using the versatile SuperShine gels, which is suitable for painting, covering full surface and contouring. Zsuzsanna will decorate with this no-wipe material, she will place neon dots on the black nails. This manicure looks fabulous, try it yourself too! Black colour is fashionable in all seasons, with these vivid neon dots it's perfect for spring and summer too!


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Gel polish nails with neon dots
Gel polish nails with neon dots 09:40

User Ratings

Odita Seila
about 1 year ago
easy and simply
Tatum Kerry
over 2 years ago
Thank you Zsuzsanna wanna this is a very good tutorial and the set us so nice.
over 2 years ago
très rapide à faire lorsque l'on est pressé
Di Vittorio Stefania
over 2 years ago
So helpful! Thanks!
Faes Nancy
over 2 years ago
Very nice
Newman Hope
over 2 years ago
Cute and quick. So much can be done with Super Shine gels - a great product.
Polgári Fanni
over 2 years ago
Practical and fast. Thanks!
Jochum Ellen
over 2 years ago
Toll erklärt und wunderschön
Patricia Ortega
over 2 years ago
I appreciate you showing the manicure step in this tutorial - very important first step.
Buda Boglárka
over 2 years ago
A neon színek nagyon jól feldobják a fekete alapszínt, fehérrel is ugyanilyen vibráló hatást lehet elérni, nekem nagyon tetszik, a kivitelezése nem igényel kézügyességet.
Dribnenki Cindy
over 2 years ago
Great idea! The dots look so perfect.
Plewa Beata
over 2 years ago
Classy and perfect for summer.
Young Krista
over 2 years ago
I was surprised that you could get such round, uniform dots with just a dotting tool! Impressive! I was sure it was a paillette with a dot of gel to make it 3D.
Arany Ágnes Arany Ágnes
It's also a possibility to make it that way with Moyra Artfetti:-)
Friedrich Inka
over 2 years ago
Black nails always look elegant. The neon-colored dots make them a real eye-catcher. Really well done.
Paulina Pytel
over 2 years ago
I love that tutorial! Well shown how to do and such a nice combination :) Thanks!
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My goal is to be able to transfer my knowledge as accurately and to as high standard as possible. Many of my competition results also contribute to this, as well as many courses I am attending continuously. In my opinion, this is a never-ending profession, you can and should learn always!