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Moyra nail stamping basic course

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Who Is This Course For?

This course is for you if

-You are interested in the world of nails and would love to learn something trendy,

-You don't know the technique yet, but you got a set as a gift and you don't know how to get started,

-You are just getting to know the nail stamping technique

-You already know nail stamping, but you feel, it does not really work,

-You would like to know the most common mistakes during stamping and how to fix them,

-You would like to learn all the tips and tricks of stamping through a well-structured, detailed and informative course,

-You would like to use this technique in your salon, but you have tons of questions,

-You would like to know, how to use all the materials and tools properly,

-You would like to buy things, but you don't know what the specific products are used for, and what to purchase,

-You would like to know all the information about Nail-, Gel-, and Foil Polish for Stamping,

-You would like to see how to do this easily and properly,

-You would like to prepare a special manicure for yourself or your friends.

If any of the above is true for you, then Agnes is looking forward to have you at her course!

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About This Course

In this course, Agnes will introduce all of the Moyra stamping products and their usage in a comprehensive way. She goes through the products one by one, and through the chapters of the video, she teaches you, how to implement the technique correctly starting from the basics, with many repetitions and explanations. All tools and materials, as well as the proper usage of materials and their special properties will be discussed in detail.

The systematic and informative course clarifies all the information for you. As a bonus, she even shows you the most common mistakes which will help you put your newly acquired knowledge into practice. Tips and tricks, includes everything you need to know!


Moyra nail stamping basic course - Preview Preview 00:42
Moyra nail stamping basic course
Moyra nail stamping basic course 51:12
Moyra nail stamping basic course (most common mistakes)
Moyra nail stamping basic course (most common mistakes) 16:46

User Ratings

Friedrich Inka
over 2 years ago
Materials science is very useful. Same with the troubleshooting in an additional video. I used to make some of the mistakes shown and had to try a lot to find out the cause. Such a summary of the most common mistakes in one video is very useful for beginners to stamping, as they can watch it again at any time. I was surprised by the variety of magnetic Moyra Stamping Polishes and that the SP Top Coat has to be applied to them before the magnet is used so that the magnetic particles can move. I was wondering if you could use a top gel over the stamped motif (on artificial nails) instead of the SP Top Coat and then apply the magnet before the top gel is given the cure? This basic course is definitely good for everyone who has not yet come into contact with stamping or who want to delve a little deeper into the subject. However, I would have welcomed a detailed demonstration of at least a few designs from the cards shown at the beginning and at the end.
Arany Ágnes Arany Ágnes
Thank you Inka for your detailed feedback!-) Regarding covering the magnetic nail polish with top gel instead of SP top coat: Top gel can not be used on magnetic nail polish. The technique will work only with SP top coat. It keeps magnetic nail polish sticky, this way the magnetic particles can move in it. Top gels can not keep the magnetic nail polish sticky. It won't work.
Newman Hope
over 2 years ago
Was new to stamping and this was so informative and helpful. Thanks.
Detrez Kristel
over 2 years ago
Zeer goede cursus, kunt altijd stoppen en terug kijken. Prachtige creaties om te maken en zeer simpel uitgelegd.
Cisamolo Elena
over 2 years ago
Spiegato molto bene anche con i classici errori da evitare. Consigliato.
Valentina Nanni
over 3 years ago
Per iniziare consiglio questo corso! Spiegato benissimo
Gründler Sandra
over 3 years ago
Very detailed the course is perfect for beginners.
van Zyl Katrien
over 3 years ago
Very informative, easy to follow!
De waal-smaak Miriam
over 3 years ago
I am so happy that i can follow a course anytime:) i have stampt before And i have also manny moyra products but i did not jow jow to use some of it properley .. and now i have seen this course i now and i can go on doing much more online trainingen. Thanks Moyra!
Painting Susan
over 3 years ago
Loved it. I'm in the US, and have watched Moyra's YouTube videos, but this was more in-depth about the product line. I appreciated the discussion about scrapers, about using non-acetone on plates (we're always told to clean with 100% acetone without moisturizers, because the oil leaves a residue). I also had not heard about stamp head cleaner. We have people pressing clear jelly heads on paper to get the oils out. We're in lock down, but I have bought a UV lamp for gel polish and excited about prospect of foils, pigments, etc that you can do with stamping gels. Yay!
over 3 years ago
A super complete course, solves every doubt and gives many beautiful nail art ideas. Infinite thanks.
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Moyra product developer, instructor

I’ve been a qualified manicure, pedicure and nail art specialist for 10 years. Having obtained my qualification, I immediately started to work in salon environment. It was still in the period of training when I grew a passion for nail art, and while watching my instructor teaching, I become completely sure that once I would also like to pass on my skills and knowledge to others in some way. While working in the salon, I felt, I wanted to do something else, which required more physical activity, so I completed a training course and got engaged in another profession. I came to be a yoga instructor, which made me experience the beauty in teaching. Then my life took another turn when I joined the Moyra team 5 years ago, bringing nail art profession to the forefront once again in my life. I spend most of my time doing backstage work and marketing activities, and I am actively involved in product development in order to satisfy all demands to the best. You may have encountered me in short tutorial videos, and seen my nail art designs on social media platforms.

I aim to make you acquainted with, and grow love for the nail stamping technique. I will show you all kinds of base materials and tools in use, so that you can develop confident skills and experience the sense of success even as a beginner. I would like to teach you the ability of playful and effortless creation, as this is the way towards releasing your creative energies. With a pinch of diligence, you can easily learn the process of creating nail art designs using stamping or other technique. I will give you all the required guidance for this, from the very beginning, based on my knowledge and skills obtained from many years of experience. Do not hesitate to join my training courses!