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How to use Moyra Reverse Dual Tip

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Who Is This Course For?

This video is for professionals who would like to place their knowledge on a secure base. From proper use of Reverse dual tip through preparing the shape till the beautiful result, we are showing all tools and material in detail, step by step.

If you have already graduated, but you are still a beginner, then it will be a very good additional learning material for you, because you can watch a very useful method which will help you and speed up the work.

As a result of your practice placed on proper basis will make your guests satisfied!

About This Course

Learn how to build almond-shaped nails with the help of Moyra Reverse dual tip! In this video you can find all information which helps you to build beautiful almond-shaped nails with Fusion acrylgel. We show you how to choose the right sized tip, then the way of spreading the material, which will be Moyra Fusion acrlygel this time. Fabulous, long, graceful nails are prepared with gold glitter.

We also explain the use of the tools in the video. Result is a wonderful, long, almond-shaped nail which you will also be able to make from now on simply and fast. Good news is that Reverse dual tip is available not only in almond shape, but also in square shape. The built nail can be covered with gel polish, gel, and it can even be decorated further with paint, stamping or any other nail art technique.


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How to use Moyra Reverse Dual Tip
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User Ratings

Odita Seila
about 1 year ago
Thank you for this amazing tutorial
Leena Leena
over 2 years ago
Thank you for the video, its very helpful. I learnt something new i have not tried it yet.
Di Vittorio Stefania
over 2 years ago
Thanks for sharing, I used dual forms for a while.
Pretty Noona
over 2 years ago
Nice tutorial on how to create a nail using MOYRA dual form, very easy to follow and educational. Nicely done, thank you!
Buda Boglárka
over 2 years ago
Ez a fajta módszer kezdőknek jobb lehet, de sem időt, sem anyagot nem tud az ember spórolni vele. Nekem épp olyan körmeim vannak, amikhez több márka reverse tip-je sem volt jó, mert a körmöm ívesebb, és hol a bőrredőnél, hol az oldalakon nem volt jó az anyag elolszlás, és az is hátránya, hogy az épített anyag csiszológéppel szedhető csak le. Mindezek ellenére az oktató videó szemlélteti a folyamatot, az esetleges hibalehetőségeket, és habár a tip sem tökéletes megoldás, de pontosabb eredményt ad kezdő körmösöknek, mint a sablonos építés.
Friedrich Inka
over 2 years ago
A good tutorial on how to work the dual form technique. I have tried it a few times myself. The nail shape becomes almost perfect.
Newman Hope
over 2 years ago
Great educational tutorial with step by step instructions.
over 2 years ago
Merci pour cette démo
Tatum Kerry
over 2 years ago
Nice, thank you.
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