Szalay Andrea Norka

France With Stamping And Transfer Foil

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A kurzusról

A little bit of France on your nails! Tutorial video using nail stamping and transfer foil.

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France With Stamping And Transfer Foil - Nail Art French Patterns
France With Stamping And Transfer Foil - Nail Art French Patterns 05:49

User Ratings

Anna Bekker
about 1 year ago
Very informative!
Odita Seila
about 1 year ago
Great Idea for the trip to France
over 2 years ago
Petit nail art pour débutante Rigolot
Tatum Kerry
over 2 years ago
This is a very pretty set, thank you Norka for teaching us this.
Patricia Ortega
over 2 years ago
I like the stamping plate & possibilities, wish the stamp wasn't just in black though.
Newman Hope
over 2 years ago
Very pretty - stamping and foil designs are quite elegant.
Jochum Ellen
over 2 years ago
Super easy erklärt i❤it
Dribnenki Cindy
over 2 years ago
Nice quick design.
Di Vittorio Stefania
over 2 years ago
Beautiful! Thank you for sharing!
Plewa Beata
over 2 years ago
Easy and so beautiful nails. I will try it,
Buda Boglárka
over 3 years ago
Játékos és elegáns manikűr, nagyon sok lehetőség van ebben a nyomdalapban.
Pretty Noona
over 3 years ago
Cute design and plenty of ideas for future manicures.
Paulina Pytel
over 3 years ago
Beautiful and easy! Magic foil from Moyra is one of my favourite products since I've used it for a first time.
Joyce VS-T
over 3 years ago
Nice tip about using a brush to apply thin coats of gel polish. The design on the thumb, index, and pinky are gorgeous, but I feel the other two nails don't really match. The designs shown on the tips at the end of the video are beautiful too. (the music was distracting me so I switched on the captions and muted the sound)
Friedrich Inka
over 3 years ago
Sweet nails! I'm a big fan of foil design. Pretty 
over 4 years ago
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